Managing Client Entities

The management and control of client companies and other entities can be a time consuming process for corporate service providers and accounting professionals. It is also a large responsibility ensuring that the necessary Client Due Diligence (CDD) requirements are completed and reviewed accordingly and that any returns are completed and filed by the due date.

These processes can be controlled manually, or by using one or more spreadsheets, however these solutions have inherent weaknesses which make it all too easy to miss a return deadline or to overlook a vital CDD requirement.

The production of the statutory forms and other documents required by the Isle of Man Companies Registry can also be problematic, particularly when ensuring that information remains consistent across all submitted forms.

In addition, the recording of employee time and associated costs, together with the production of invoices, can also be an administrative burden.

With the above issues very much in mind there is now a complete software package to address these needs and many more.....